Friday, January 23, 2009

Head shots...

Jaime showed me some of the head shots she took of the baby this morning. Since neither of us have useful degrees and since I still haven't heard back from the jobs I've applied for, we've decided to take the crazy 'parents of a child actor' route. We've sent these out to all the major Hollywood studios. We're not too worried, though, if this doesn't work. We've got a fool-proof back up and then sell the HGTV dream home.

These six pictures really showcase her flexibility. She can take on both the serious and comedic roles:

We practice facial expressions every day. She's can do the 'you talkin' to me?' look. Or the coy/shy/embarrassed look.

She can pretend to be shocked. Or she can play dumb/hungry. She does a mean impression of a reptile.

And as you can see, Tess is not afraid to show a little skin. So, she should fit right into the Hollywood scene.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy Arms McGee...

Tess has a really hard time falling asleep or just laying by herself without someone holding her because she has no control over her arms, and they seem to have a personal vendetta against her face. So a few nights ago, we came up with an ingenious way to protect her from herself:

Most parents teach their children to keep their hands out of their pants. But not us. We're not like a regular mom, we're a cool mom.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Girlfriends...

We're living in the Philadelphia area these days, and things have settled down enough to start blogging again. We moved out here right before Christmas. Jaime flew out with Tess a week before me, and then my dad came out to Utah to help me drive a uhaul across the country. I don't plan on ever moving during winter again. Especially through Colorado. The uhaul ended up sliding off the road, we had to get towed, wasted a bunch of money on snow chains that broke and then put a hole in the back of the uhaul. I've never been happy to drive through Kansas before in my life. But we made it and are hoping to find employment soon.

Anyhow, I've got a few pictures of Tess to put up since we got out here. Last week, I found Jaime dressing the girl in a matching outfit. She claims it wasn't on purpose. They're just best girlfriends and have a connection...

This is what the chubster thinks of mornings:

Sunday we got Tess all dressed up to go to church and made sure to take some pictures of the outfit. Jaime absolutely loves having a doll to dress up and play with. Here she is putting the outfit on. Jaime's hands are like lightning. No one this side of the Mississippi can dress a baby faster:

Tess had the same reaction as her dad when told it was time to go to church:

But she soon calmed down to let us get a nice picture of her with her mama:

Best Girlfriends for evah!!!

Also, Jaime's brother-in-law, Quinn, took this picture of our little girl, and I think it's quite nice. Click on the picture to check out his blog, where he posts a lot of his great artwork: