Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are your kids this crazy?..

Tess: Jesus is not a baby anymore.
Me: Nope. He isn't.
Tess: He is a prophet.
Me: He is the Savior. He saves us.
Tess: He saves us?
Me: Yes. And he makes us happy.
Tess: Sometimes we have to be mad.
Me: Um...But we always try to be happy.
Tess: Sometimes there are two men and they come to fight us and we have to be mad.
Me: We shouldn't fight them. We should try to be nice.
Tess: You don't have to fight them, Dad.
Me: Thanks.
Tess: When the two come, I will get them with my sword. Yes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First blog post from my phone...

She is a smart one. She has learned to write the letter T, and we find her creating T's all over now. like on the fridge. And, big surprise...she knows how to spell her name now! We found her dumping out all the bananagrams letters when Jaime's family was here, and then she spelled her name. That was after she started picking up handfuls of the tiles and let them trickle through her fingers while exclaiming: "taxes! Taxes!" (she had watched disney's robin hood the day before)