Monday, March 29, 2010

Valley Forge...

After a year of living in this area, we finally decided to go to Independence Hall and to see the Liberty Bell this week in downtown Philly. We decided to wake up early and leave the house around 7:30am to be first in line for tickets to the guided tour. So, of course, we woke up around 9! And then we decided to go to Valley Forge instead, another site we hadn't visited yet. It was a great day, although cold. Here are some pictures:

Tess as George Washington:

Jaime as ole George:

My awesome parenting skills on display...Trying to get a picture of the baby climbing on a cannon instead of realizing she was about to fall backwards, hit her head and scream bloody murder:

America's Arch de triomphe. I told Jaime to get a picture of me and Tess in front of the arch. She said okay and then added, "Try to stand so I can get a picture of those brazilians' big ole butts!"

Tess' favorite part of the trip--a stone stump in front of the arch that she thought was her personal seat:

Look how big this giant girl (Tess) is getting:

This is her pointing and saying, "Two," to her mom...meaning: "There is a second stump over there Mom. You should leave me alone and go sit on that one and stop trying to keep me from falling backward onto my head like I did at that cannon."

Tess' other favorite spot--leaning over her mom and dipping her hands in the creek...just like George Washington used to do.

And walking on a wall while holding her dad's hand...just like George Washington used to do: