Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 Posts in One Day!

Jaime and I just got back from Chipotle's. I think it's a good restaurant, although I don't think it really compares to my beloved Cafe Rio. And it's definitely not as good as Moe's. But it is 17 times better than dirty Bajio's. Anyway, the reason that I do think Chipotle's is amazing is this:

I put my burrito down to take a drink and it stayed standing all by itself! That's a sign of a quality burrito. I'm no expert or anything, but I'm pretty sure it takes humans well over 10 minutes of life to learn to stand on their own. This burrito did it in half that time. Amazing!

Three Years and Still as Poor as Ever

Jaime and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this last week (on the 19th). Unfortunately our plans of being wealthy enough to retire after 3 years hasn't happened. Still, we didn't let that ruin our celebrations. So, the romantics that we are, we decided to hike back to Stuart Falls where I had carved "Will You Marry Me?" in a tree over 3 years ago (pictured above--a little hard to read these days, and from this angle looks more like "Will you mar me?"). Actually, I'd never been to Stuart Falls before or ever carved anything into any tree, but I really wanted to see this waterfall. That's why I forced a pregnant woman to walk 4 miles up and down a mountain with me. She sure is a great wife!

The signs say it is like a 2 mile hike to the cascades, and the hike wasn't difficult. I actually enjoyed hiking with a very pregnant woman because we got to take frequent stops, which I needed but wouldn't have taken otherwise.

It's a nice hike and has a lot of interesting plant life to look at.

Finally there! I climbed to the top of the bottom falls and tried to take a picture of the upper falls. The sun wasn't much help but made for an interesting effect.

After climbing so much, I needed to cool down. So, I decided to stand underneath the waterfall. It was a little more difficult than a daily shower. The mountain water was freezing and it felt like someone was smacking me on the head and back repeatedly.

Jaime also wanted to cool down with the water, but this is as close as she could get before the baby started screaming, "Don't you dare take another step towards that waterfall!!"

On the hike back, we walked past a bunch of bumble bees. They aren't the most photogenic creatures, they're too preoccupied to hold still long enough. Anyhow, after the hike, we went home, showered, and then went to eat at the Bombay House (where I actually did ask Jaime to marry me).

Josh Finally Graduates...for Fake

Last week was BYU's graduation ceremonies. Since I missed a couple of measly deadlines, I won't be graduating officially until December. However, there is no graduation ceremony at that time, and because I didn't attend my undergraduate graduation, I decided at the last minute to attend this one.

To be perfectly honest, the main attraction for me was this hood thing that Masters students wear.

My grandparents came down for Commencement and then took us out to dinner. That was probably the best part of the whole graduation.

These are just a few pictures I made Jaime take of me around campus.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Body Movin! Body Movin!

Don't tell Jaime, but I'm posting this picture of her that I know she'll hate! I love it though because it says so much about this pregnancy:
"What the giant belly?! Pregnancy is a B."
"Stop kicking and punching me there!"
"Ach! You're already wearing me out."
"When you come out, we are gonna have words, baby!"

But in reality this is a look I expect to see very often when I get home from work each night after this baby comes out. It's a dejected look of irritation directed at an uncooperative child. Jaime called me over because the baby was moving alot. So I grabbed the camera in hopes of videotaping something. We recorded 16 minutes which turned out to be the most boring 16 minutes of my life. I've always wondered how much I would like staring at someone's stomach for 16 minutes, and I'm sorry I now know. Jaime's look in this picture is really saying, "Come on! Move you fetus!" At least the baby is consistent and knows to behave around me. As soon as she senses I'm near, she sits up straight in her chair, looks forward and doesn't make a move.

Jaime jokes that it's an omen that the baby will be uncooperative. I, on the other hand, think it's a great sign. She'll misbehave all day long until I get home and then sit calmly without making a noise while I watch TV all night. Every now and then she'll get distracted and start to stir, and I'll just remind her, "Honey, Daddy's watchin' his stories..." Then silence again. That's how children are right? RIGHT?! Oh dear me what have we gotten into?

Anhyhow, after 16 minutes of staring at Jaime's stomach for any sign of movement, we do at least have this marvelous 5 second clip to share! Right at the end, the baby kicks a little on the right side of Jaime's belly. Hopefully you can see it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Inspiration at Church

As many of you may know, our plans for the future have been ever-changing. We both have a very difficult time making any sort of decision, and the plans we do make usually only last a couple of weeks before we change our minds. So during our 2 hours in the library at church today, we finally decided to set some firm goals for the near future...through the help of M.A.S.H.

I've included a picture of the actual game. Some of you in Kentucky will be thrilled by the results since we will be mooching off you like crazy. Here is how our life is laid out for at least the next year:
--We move to Franklin, Kentucky where Josh puts his Masters degree to good use working in one of the fancy factories there.
--According to MASH, we will be living in an apartment, which we have taken to mean the upstairs of my parents' house.
--We will have 4 kids. Which is gonna be hard since the first one isn't quite cooked all the way. Triplets shouldn't be a problem, though.
--Good news for Kellie! You get to watch our babies while we work!!!
--We will continue to drive our 98 Honda Accord instead of opting for a fancier new hybrid.
--Jaime won't be able to be a S.A.H.M. (stay at home mom) since she will be working in a call center. She says there aren't many call centers in Kentucky because of the country accent which would frighten away most potential buyers. But I don't think she'll have a problem finding a job in one of the few that might exist since she has a neutral long as she isn't talking to her grandma who can bring the country out of anyone.
--And it turns out we'll be making this move next week. See you then Mom and Dad!
--Finally, we also decided to let MASH choose the baby's middle name. Jaime likes Tailua, Josh likes Elena. With their powers combined, they are Tailena! MASH went with Tailua.