Friday, February 22, 2013

I learned my lesson...

Today I was eating breakfast with Tessa and George, and Tess asked for her favorite cinnamon cereal. Well that reminded me that I needed to scold her for having sprinkled cinnamon on her bathroom sink.

So, I asked her, "Why were you playing with cinnamon in the bathroom last night?" And she just kind of mumbled some nonsense not wanting to answer the question.

Last night was an awful night to be an Alley kid. She spent the whole night watching She-ra because I was trying to get work done and Jaime was out. So being ignored and also being hungry, she apparently turned feral and started fending for herself. After pestering her to tell me why she played with the cinnamon, she said, "I was hungry. I like cinnamon. So, I got some in my hand and tried to eat it. I had it on my tongue a while and then had to go spit it out."

The poor little dummy basically did the cinnamon challenge! And like everyone else, she failed!

In case you don't know what the cinnamon challenge is, I've got a video of some dummies doing it below. Some people very dear to me have done this, but I couldn't find the video evidence again. I know it's out there, though.

When I told her that she shouldn't play with the cinnamon, she said, "Oh, I learned my lesson. I learned many lesson."

Good. But man do I wish I had seen her learning her lesson...because I'm an awful person/dad.

Speaking of which, here are some videos of me torturing George. I was feeding him one day and made him wear a bib. We rarely make him wear a bib, and for whatever reason, this time it was like I had strapped a radioactive torture device around his neck. He could not get it off fast enough--no, literally, he couldn't figure out how to get it off! I would have intervened, but as I was filming him, I was just kind of dumbfounded by his reaction to being oppressed by the evil bib. It was like watching a Jim Carry movie where he has a fight with himself:

Don't judge me. Sometimes I feel like my job as a Dad is to be like the National Geographic documentary cameraman who stays behind the camera and doesn't save the poor baby zebra from getting eaten by the crocodile. Gotta just let nature do its thing. And as you will see, the baby zebra saves itself in the end:

It was all for his own good

Monday, February 11, 2013

People always talking at her about brains...

At dinner,  I mentioned something about brains to Tess, which apparently is a very sore subject for her.

Tess: Do you remember when I beat you at War?
[It had only been like an hour since she beat me]

Me: Yes,  I have that memory.

Tess: Is it in your head?

Me: It's in my brain.

Jaime: That's where memories are stored. In the brain.

Tess: I don't like... ugh...why is everyone always talking about brains to me?
[She was annoyed with us at this point and not hiding it]

Us: Who does that?

Tess: Uh. You know. Just saying brain at me and stuff.

Note to the more talking about brains at Tess.  She then went on to tell us that she knows everything about brains already. So, you're wasting your time anyway.

Also, who of you is just randomly saying, "Brain," at her? That's kind of weird gang...but to be honest, we plan on doing it a lot now.