Wednesday, May 16, 2012

But she does actually like him...

Here she is getting to feed him. She was so excited for this and had to wait hours for the guy to wake up.

Selling him to the gypsies...

Me (after lots of unreasonable crying from the baby): Alright Tess, say goodbye to your brother. We're selling him to the gypsies.

Tess: We are!? Can we keep me and sell George to the gypsies?

Me: Of course. You've proven your worth. How much do you think we'll get for him?

Tess: Maybe 1?

Me: I sure hope we get at least 1.

Tess (heading to the door): Okay. I just need to get my shoes on.

Me (thinking she liked her brother): Well, maybe we should give him one more chance.

Tess: I don't want to give him one more chance.

Me: Why not?

Tess: Cause gypsies need kids too.