Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First (Worst...Fwirst?) Days of School...

Remember that one time that you had a daughter that would never shut up? And how you mated with another extreme introvert but somehow managed to create the most extroverted creature the world has ever seen? And then how you used to feel so bad because you work from home and would force that extrovert to watch more Netflix than she should because you needed to get some work done? And finally how you were so excited to put her into pre-school so that she could actually be around other kids and be in extrovert heaven with all the interaction that gives me nightmares at night?

Do you remember that? How did that go for you?

Here's how we thought that was going to go for us (Tessa on her way to her first day of school):

Except then we get her to school, and she ends up like this, while wailing for Jaime not to leave her there:


It's been really awesome. Lots of crying. Lots of fun for Tessa's Momma. On the first day, she actually did just fine, but since that first day, she has been making a big stink about not wanting to stay. The second day, she came home and told us that she didn't want to go anymore. The fascist of a pre-K teacher has too many rules. What rules, you ask? Oh, let me tell you. This tyrant makes Tessa sit Criss-cross apple sauce (Indian style for those of you not 4 years old) instead of with her legs straight out. Call the Tea Party! This is un'Merican dernit! Also, that was the only rule Tessa could name. But honestly, how can anyone be expected to follow ONE rule?

Tonight, I was asking Tess about the fits she throws when Jaime drops her off, what the deal is and how to cope with having to stay there at school. I asked her how long she continued to cry today, and she said for about a half an hour. She has no clue what a half hour is, so who knows how long that really was. I don't know why I even asked. But she said she went off by herself and sang a little song she made up to calm herself.

Then she made me sing it with her. She would sing a line and then pause for me to repeat after her:

I wish Mommy was here with me
I wish Mommy was my teacher
Mommy is my favorite parent
I love Mommy so much

I guess all the Netflix I let her watch has done nothing to boost my approval rating. If your heart isn't broken yet, then let me tell you how she described the scene at school after Jaime abandoned her:

"I sat by myself for a while, and I sang it very softly to myself so no one could hear me and be tempted."

Tempted by what?! So, school is the best and we're loving it every day!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Growls...

Our children are most definitely not developing on the same level. At George's age, Tess could pretty much hold a conversation with people. And she did that a lot. George at George's age...not so much. He seems to be developing at a more normal rate. It was really fun being able to have conversations with Tess at such an early age, even if she would NEVER stop talking. But George might be a little more entertaining with his own forms of communication. If you ask him anything starting with "Did you" or "Do you", he will respond with: "Mm Hmm." Even if it is a complete lie, he will answer in the affirmative.

He is showing signs, though, of being an animal whisperer. So, I think his intellect is allowing him to communicate on a level we just don't understand. He speaks bunny and frog. I was unaware before this that bunnies and frogs had such a distinct form of communication. Behold:

He does do other sounds too. Dogs and cats both say: "Woof woof." As do horses, donkeys, monkeys, squirrels, shadows he sees outside the window, etc. I'm pretty sure everything else makes the sound of a demonic, possessed soul.

We are raising Gollum!