Monday, July 27, 2009

Pillow talk (Don't tell Jaime I'm posting this)...

In case you missed the conversation we had a while ago in bed, here are some of the more interesting parts. I wrote them down after Jaime had fallen asleep because the conversation was so life-changing for me:

Me: How much do you think a toilet costs?
Jaime: I don't have any idea.
Me: Yeah, me either.
Jaime: 350?
Me: Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Except a prime number.
Jaime: 357?
Me: Perfect...except that's not a prime number.

....long pause....

Me: Did you hear me when I said that's not a prime?

...a few minutes pass:

Me: I hate people.
Jaime: Don't you know we came from people? So you can't hate people.
Me: My family's not people. They're my family.
Jaime: So what are they? Plants?
Me: Plants? Why would you go with plants? You could have said any animal or insect. You could've said monkeys.
Jaime: I just decided to go with another kingdom. I skipped genus, phylum, all that and went to the other kingdom.
Me: Why not something like cyborgs? or zombies?

...Long discussion about what a cyborg is.

Me: Did you know that zombies are the top of the food chain?
Jaime: No they aren't.
Me: Yes, they are. It goes plants, animals, people, zombies.
Jaime: No. It goes plants, animals, people, lions.
Me: Lions? What? Lions? Are you kidding?
Jaime: No, wait. It goes plants, animals, people, lions, then hyenas eat the dead lions and fungus eats the dead hyenas.
Me: And then people eat the fungus and the zombies eat the people.

...more silence

Jaime: I love you.
Me: I love you too.

...short silence.

Me: Did you believe me when I said it?
Jaime: Why? Should I not believe you?
Me: No. I just was wondering if you believed me.
Jaime: Oh. I didn't even hear you...or I forgot on account of the tiredness.


Me: Did you hear me when I said it wasn't a prime number?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Smile Tessa...

We took Tess on a trip to Skaneateles, NY this weekend to visit with some of Jaime's family and to also visit Palmyra. Happy Birthday Laura!

Anyhow, after spending 70% of the trip in a car seat, she wasn't pleased with us. So this is how she looked a good portion of the trip:

So, we started to play the "don't smile" game with our lil grumpster. It's that great game parents play with pouting children where they repeatedly tell the child: "Don't, no...don't do it. Don't smile!" And then of course, the child ends up laughing and getting even angrier. Tess plays really well. This is as close as the stubborn cuss would get. She's squeezing her lips together tight and holding it back as best she can. She absolutely refused to show any teeth...she has 47 of them now if you weren't aware. It's our new favorite picture of her.

You'll notice a stuffed monkey in the picture. Apparently the monkey is Tess' BFF 4eva. We found on this trip that she would calm down a little if we gave her the monkey while she was in the seat. She would scream and scream and then when Jaime would give her the monkey, she would stop screaming and begin to whisper to the monkey and tell it all the horrible things we put her through.