Monday, October 17, 2011

A couple of things...

We went up to Kentucky this weekend for the wedding reception of our friend, Laura. It was a really nice reception and we got to see a bunch of friends we never get to see. Afterwards we drove down to my parents and spent the rest of the weekend at their place and had a fun visit with them. Anyhow, we came home last night, and I know I have a bad memory, but apparently so does Tess. We got inside and dropped our bags and then I had this conversation with her...
Me: I need to use the restroom and then I'll help you with blah blah blah
Tess (following me to the restroom): We have two potties in my bathroom
Me: I know.
Tess: There are two of them (shows me on her hands). One is a little potty for me.
Me: I know.
Tess: Two potties. (Looks at me as if to say "Stop interrupting, chump") The other is a white potty.
Me: I know.
Tess: The white potty is for you. (Apparently I really wasn't catching on, so she started talking very slow) It's big...and white. That potty is for you.

And now we've moved into the bathroom.
Tess (very excited): Look! There it is. That potty is for you.

...I just couldn't get over how determined she was to give me this refresher course on the bathroom. Fortunately, the conversation ended with her finding some other lost soul in the apartment to set straight and didn't end up like this:

You just can't get a few minutes to yourself when she's awake!

And another thing. If you bothered to check out our new banner, you'll have noticed a new ultrasound there. Perhaps you remember back to Tessa's ultrasound and how ultrasounds are just inkblot tests. Well here is the one we just had:

I sent the picture to my Dad and he said he was gonna need some help telling what he was looking at. So, I tried to help him out, and below is what I see. How about you? Jaime and my mom are really big fans of this picture:

Here is another of the little alien waving at us. I love ultrasounds:

And one more conversation with Tess dealing with the monster inside her mom. I had this one with her while Jaime was leaving the house:

Tess: Goodbye, Selvin inside Mommy's tummy. I'll miss you. (Then as an afterthought) See ya Mommy. (It's a long story--not really--but we have been calling the thing inside Jaime, Selvin. I know a Selvin, and I knew Jaime wouldn't like the name, so I started calling the baby that. And it's back-fired because Tess now calls it Selvin too.)
Me: You know, when the baby comes, we're going to give it a different name.
Tess: Nope. He has a name already.
Me: But we don't know if it's a boy. It might be a girl.
Tess: It's a boy in mommy's tummy.
Me: How do you know that?
Tess: Cause his name is Selvin. I believe it.
Me: But we don't know what it is. Don't you want a little sister?
Tess: No.
Me: Will you love the baby if it's a girl?
Tess: No.
Me: You want a little brother?
Tess: Yes. Selvin.
Me: Why do you want him to be a boy?
Tess: Cause he's not a girl.
Me: Should we name him Trimpi-nursher? (Tess made that name up a couple of weeks ago.)
Tess: Uh, that's a girl's name.

Obviously. She must think I'm some kind of moron when we talk. Sorry Tess and my old friend, Selvin. We won't be naming the baby that.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I updated our banner...

That's all. I updated the banner.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me: 1, Dora/Diego: 0

What's happening now at the Alley home:

After 20 minutes of heated debate, arguing, and both sides showing their angry faces, Tess has finally accepted "muchas gracias" as the correct pronunciation of thank you very much. She was adamant it was "munas gracias", even claiming both Dora AND Diego had told her so.

And yes, I will argue with a 3 year old for 20 minutes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rita's in Atlanta...

One of the things we were afraid we'd miss from philadelphia is now only a couple of miles from our home! this is from the date we all went on friday night. Tess paid so she got the first lick. after having kid, I understand much much better why my mom didn't like sharing drinks with us when we were growing up. I do remember her giving in from time to time. I don't know what she was thinking! The couple of times I've had a drink after tessa, I've felt like I needed a tetanus shot afterwards.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The next great thing...

Tess showed some interest in the camera the other day...and by "interest", I mean that she demanded to be allowed to use it. I thought it would be interesting to see what happened, so I got out our older camera and showed her how to take a picture and sent her on her way. Her first photoshoot was pretty impressive.

It started out with a portrait of her favorite Dad:

And her best girl. She really captures both our essence and personality.

At one point while Tess was running around with the camera, I heard Jaime say, "Um, my eyes are up here, weirdo!"

I submit to you the greatest self-portrait ever a 2 year old...who is a quarter Atlanta...and is deathly afraid of slides.

The rest of the shoot seemed to focus on things that are important to her. Or maybe me:

A portrait of her comfy star blanket. It's a great self-portrait:

Her name. Referencing the egotistical nature of society today best exemplified by Facebook, Twitter and Blogs:

Her diapers. A love-hate relationship:

The Southwest (it's pretty):

Finally, she got a little crazy. I'm not sure what this is at all, and that's when I knew she had made it as an artist. It might be my face.

***Before any Ansel Adams fans get really angry, Tessa didn't take that picture of the Southwest. I hope I insulted your intelligence by typing that. I also hope at least one of you is dumb enough to think a 2 year old took that photo!