Sunday, July 7, 2013

George update!

I never blog anymore, but I decided I'm copying my amazing friend Tiffany, a known Supermom-of-4, and doing a snapshot "update" on my kids here - all about who they are at their current stage of life. Tonight it's all about George! I'll do Tess another night this week, hopefully.

George! (age 14 months) (pics of George and George from back in April...Josh has all the more recent ones on his computer)

  • Has 7 teeth, going on 8. Like Tessa, a pretty easy teether. "There's just sharp pointy bone piercing through my flesh, mom, NBD." 
  • Is a confident walker/proto-runner! He took his first steps about a week before his birthday back in April and hasn't looked back. 
  • His favorite thing is to be chased. All I have to do is quietly say "I'm gonna gitchoo" and he takes off as fast as his legs can carry him, giggling like a hyena until he trips over something, not infrequently his own feet. 
  • Related after playing chase: he also loves to be very ticklish on his feet, tummy, and neck. 
  • It literally gives me physical pains to be so cliche, but this kid is such a BOY. He is much more physical than Tessa was. Example: George just learned that he can climb on to the kitchen chairs, and from there onto the table. Never had to worry about that with Tess, she who slept in her crib until age 3 and never figured out how climb out. 
  • Loves to climb on our little kangaroo climber and slide down head first on his belly. 
  • Can say "mama", "dada", "ball", "nana", "woof woof", and "meow", but his favorite thing to say is "atsat?" or "atsis?" He says these two things nonstop. In between repeating my answers to these questions all day I like to think they prefigure the inquisitive mind of a scientist/philosopher/etc., naturally. 
  • Tessa had a bigger vocabulary at his age, but funnily enough I think George's economy of language is its own kind of intelligence. It's like I can see the wheels of his brain turning and they are saying: "It's obvious from my hand gestures what I want, and I yelled "Ma!" to emphasize how much I want it, WHY would I be interested in repeating the arbitrary sound YOU're making??? Are you daft, woman? Just give me what I want! MAAAAA!!" 
  • Is going through a shrieking phase...emits an earsplitting yell approximately every 7 seconds, for various reasons - to demand things, of course, but also to protest when demands are not immediately met, also while hitting things, also to be heard over Tessa the nonstop-talker, also just to break up those rare moments when there have been 6 consecutive seconds of silence. 
  • Very much enjoys hitting things, Tessa in particular. Also books, which are for hitting, not reading.  
  • Tessa is his idol...he adores her and is already very much up in her grill like a little brother, wanting to do everything she does and have everything she has. She makes him laugh the hardest. 
  • Gets super jealous when I pay any attention to Tessa. If I give her a hug or hold her in my lap I know a few shrieks are imminent. Also makes the funniest "offended" face when this happens, with his jaw stuck out and his eyes nervous, like "WHAT???? IS SHE DOING IN MY SPOT????" 
  • Used to be an *awesome* eater...then just a couple weeks ago he picked up a mild stomach bug for a day or two, and ever since he's recovered his appetite hasn't been the same. He still eats, but food is much more an exploratory activity, not just packing it all in. He usually tries everything, and even chews it up, but whether or not he swallows it is a crapshoot now. 
  • Loves all fruit (almost - not as enamored of bananas as he used to be) and avocados (which are technically also a fruit, I think), and oatmeal for breakfast every day. 
  • 50/50 chance at any given moment during the day that his pointer finger will be up his nose. I suspect he has set a goal to get his second knuckle up there too. Which, if true, he is being very tenacious about trying to achieve it! It makes Josh a little worried that he may hurt himself. 
  • Still likes to bite...luckily not while nursing anymore. But will almost always give me a hug and then bite my shoulder for emphasis. Also likes to hold my arm during car rides and bite it to entertain himself. I don't have very sensitive pain receptors in my arm I guess b/c I usually let him, for a little while at least.  
  • HATE HATE HATES riding in the car. Even short trips are torture! (For Mom and Dad also).  
  • Loves his stuffed dog and cat "Puppsio" and "Kittsio" (named by Tessa) - shows his love by alternately giving sweet hugs and then clamping them in his jaws and shaking his head back and forth vigorously. 
  • Fascinated by technology...phones, remotes, laptops, etc. Enjoys hitting technology. 
  • Loves to dance and sing! Will start to sing if anyone else is singing and will start to dance if I turn on music. 
  • Loves to give big, open mouth kisses that turn Mommy's heart into goo and make her forget her arm is covered in bite marks.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Post #200...

In honor of our 200th post on this blasted site, I would like to honor myself a little bit. It's only fitting. Nothing about the kids in this one. So, if you're a grandma looking for cute pictures of your grandkids, this will disappoint you. If you are one of the weirdos that comes to my blog after doing a google search for hermaphrodites, this will also disappoint you...pervert.

Also it is a lie that we have done 200 posts. There are 12 drafts that have never been published. I don't know why. They aren't even dirty or scandalous. Although one is about what I think about while in the shower.

Speaking of which, I was thinking this morning (while in the shower) about what I would do if I had a time machine. As I was naked and surrounded by my body, I decided that if I ever get a time machine, I am going straight back to early-20s Me from college. And I would just follow myself around for years. Then every time Young Me would pick up a 3rd slice of pizza, giant bowl of ice cream or 4th burrito from Beto's...sweet, delicious Beto's (I will NEVER call you Rancherito's), I would smack Young Me and steal the pizza, bowl of ice cream, burrito or whatever unhealthy thing Young Me would eat.

Of course, Young Me would be upset and ask me what I was thinking and why Young Me had just been slapped and robbed (although young me would not say it without a few minor swears...neither would Old Me. It's a burrito, after all!). Then, as I was devouring whatever I had stolen from Young Me, I would explain that it was for our own good. Young Me wouldn't understand at first...but someday.

I really like this idea because I get a lot of delicious food out of it. And I'm pretty sure because I had taught Young Me to be healthy, then through the magic of the space-time continuum, I would be skinny when I went back to the future/present, while still being a horrible glutton during my visits to Young Me. Exercise be damned! I'm pretty sure there are no flaws in this plan.

Anyhow, on to honouring me. I spelled that with a U because I want this to seem like a big deal. I just wanted to share a few pictures that demonstrate my awesomeness...and my Mom's. This story basically tells itself, but I will interject from time to time.

Once upon a time, there were three sisters. They were lovely ladies (no one knows what color their hair is naturally). However, they liked to take pictures without their younger brother, and told him to get lost when there was a camera around because only sisters should be in the same picture.

So, this happened.

 At this point, they still didn't realize he was there, but actually split apart a little bit to make room for him after thinking the other sister was trying to push the other away a little bit.

And, of course, my Mom is awesome for having watched the entire thing from start to end without letting on. And for getting it on camera.

Happy fake 200th post! LYLAS 4eva 4life