Monday, February 21, 2011


Learned a new word today from Tess. N'on't. As in, "No, don't!"
Jaime: "I'm gonna tickle you!"
Tess: Shrieks, "N'on't!"

It might be spelled no'n't.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February? More like first day of summer...

Since it was in the 70s today, we spent all day outside of the house. That's what Atlantoids do. As soon as it hits 80, though, I'm going back inside the air conditioning. We didn't exactly spend the whole day outdoors, but we did do our best to wear out Tess.

We started by doing a little shoe shopping. Tess was absolutely obsessed with these mirrors. This is quite possibly the best picture I've ever taken:

Afterward, we were invited to play some frisbee golf with some new friends. Frolf. Jaime had never played before. And I had only played once, and it wasn't a great memory. This girl I really liked had just broken up with me (I won't mention names to protect her from the swift judgment you should all bring down upon her, but I eventually married her. That might help some of you narrow it down.). And so one of my roommates set me up with a girl and we all played frisbee golf. Frolf. I think it's great that both of my experiences with frisbee golf have involved playing with people I don't know very well. I'm not all. It's probably not helping to endear me to frisbee golf. Frolf. And Jaime and I are both horrible at throwing a frisbee. I wanted to say we were both horrible at throwing it straight, but really we're just horrible at all aspects of it: straightness, distance, not landing it in hazards like muddy water/briar bushes, etc. We convinced Tess to tag along with us, even though she had offered to stay behind at the playground.

It finally got to the point where she kept telling us, "I need carry you, Mommy." That sounded great, but apparently that meant she needed to be carried. Similar to how she will tell us things like, "These peas don't like me," when she doesn't want to eat peas. Well finally after 9 grueling holes, we made it back to the playground. And played and played. I don't remember wanting to go down the same slide 20 times in a row as a kid, but that's the thing to do.

After tearing Tess away from the playground and making fun of her for saying things like, "What's happen to my eye?" after crying uncontrollably, we made it to the car and went for some ice cream. There's a place here that gives anyone under 40 inches tall a free ice cream cone(the promotion might actually say, "Any children under 40 inches"). So, we got Tess her very first ice cream cone! So our little girl who thinks something horrible has happened to her any time she has a tear rolling down her cheek or gets food on her hands, ended up like this:

She just doesn't like being dirty. Some how she got ice cream on her back. We're not sure how that happened.

When we finished ice cream, we piled back in to the car and drove down Riverside Drive on the banks of the Chattahoochee. Tess had fallen asleep before we got out of the parking lot. 9 holes of frisbee golf really wears a kid out. This is her on the couch after we got home wiped out:

She did wake up long enough to eat a few things and build some lego hammers. But she was asking the whole time to go back to bed. She's a strange one. Jaime got her all ready for bed, put her in bed and left the room when Tess started crying, "Help me. Help me. Let me out! Let me out! I wanna dance! Please. Please. Daddy, help. Please, Dada. I wanna dance!" How can I say no to that? So, we finally ended the day with a slow dance around her room, and now she seems to have gone right to sleep. What a weirdo.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I need a Hammer...

Legos are the best. Ever. That's been proven scientifically. In multiple studies.

Tess got a bunch of legos for Christmas, and it's been really fun the last couple days seeing how creative she gets. I'll show a few of her most recent creations:

Exhibit A:

Me: What is that Tess? The letter T?
Tess: Yes!

Exhibit B:

Me: What is that Tess? The letter T?
Tess: No. It's a helicopter.
--then she twirled around the room flying her helicopter.

Exhibit C:

Me: What is that Tess? A helicopter?
Tess: No, it's not a helicopter. It's a hammer!
--it's been a hammer since.

This is her cheesing for me, when I asked her to smile. I should have videotaped it because it was one of the first times she has smiled on command for me. So, more like constipation than glee.

This was a little better:

Don't you love the colors on her hammer? We were listening to one of my favorite Bob Marley songs when she built it. She da rasta baby mon! Listen to it:
Hammer by Bob Marley