Saturday, March 28, 2009


I was checking out the local community college's course schedules the other day and came upon these two courses. I think if you are in the Philadelphia area, you should really consider taking one of these classes at Delaware County Community College. The instructor is amazing...and pure eye candy.

For summer term:

Or Fall semester:

This is how Tess reacted when she found out her dad was gonna be a teacher:

At first it would appear she is happy for her dad, but in reality she's saying, "Wait! Really? No way! They're actually gonna let that chambon teach a class? Ah ha ha ha! Suckers." I think she's actually just happy she figured out she can get her foot in her mouth.

I announced it on Facebook, and so I imagine anyone that reads this blog would have also heard it on there. But I'm just wanted to re-announce it cause I'm pretty excited about it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maymont Park...

To help quell the spells of yelling (ah rhyming), we decided to take Tessa on an outdoor adventure at Maymont Park in Richmond. That's right. We drove 4 hours so Tess could experience a park in Richmond. Actually we've been in Richmond for a week with Jaime's family. It's a pretty strange park, mainly because there are animal habitats all around. It's a little like a mini-zoo.

We started at the Childrens farm. Since our baby is broken (her setting is stuck on 'scream'), we went to check out some of the fresh new crop to perhaps make a trade. Here I am presenting Tessa to potential barterers. No one made any bids.

Well, it turns out childrens farm is not at all what it sounds like. There was no farming of childrens at all. In fact, all they had were animals: goats, sheep and birds. Jaime squealed and squealed when she saw the baby goats frolicking. I hate the word frolic for not having a K on the end. Goats make surprisingly cute babies.

We fed some big goats...not cute at all.

We saw bears...and Tessa used a statue to show them what she would do to them. Head stomped! I thought the nicest part of the park was the Japanese garden. It was really peaceful until a pack of wild teenage girls showed up screeching and barking about the giant goldfish in the pond.

After the teenagers showed up, all the animals fled to this rock in the middle of the pond. I envied them.

And finally some pictures of Tess with her best girlfriend. Tess really loves exploring new places and she was pretty content the whole time we were out and about.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Her thumbs are already in trouble.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Funk...

Tess is an awful baby. I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it. She's as cute as can be...but just aaaaawful. She hates sitting. She hates laying down. She hates being cuddled, but always has to have someone holding her. She's a screaming ball of contradictions. We about lost our minds until Miriam reminded us we have an exersaucer that the Funks gave us.

Tessa loved it...for 7 minutes and 37 seconds. But that is 3 times longer than she has liked any other toy we've tried to entertain her with! So, we have high hopes for this thing. It should be exactly what she wants since she doesn't have to sit or lay down. It makes her think she's standing up and has lots of things to grab her attention.

At first she had a little trouble with the Sesame Street characters staring at her. She must have thought they were eyeing a potential cuddle buddy. After realizing that strangling them wouldn't actually accomplish anything, she decided to just be friends. Sorry, you can't really see her face in the video.

She's gotten really handsy lately too. A couple of days ago she got very upset with me while I was holding her because I wouldn't let her stick her hands in my mint chocolate chip ice cream.