Saturday, January 29, 2011

Centennial Park...

We got hit by an ice storm here in Atlanta. It shut the city down for a week. We were basically living like cavemen...except with central heating...a fridge full of food...TV...internet...So, yeah, it was pretty rough. But we survived. This is how we pretty much spent the entire time stuck inside:

Did you notice those were taken on two different days? She got off the chair long enough to change her clothes. Luckily, this week has been surprisingly warm (at least to us--it might be normal for Atlantans). Because of the great weather, we decided to finally explore some of the city. We were going to go to the Aquarium, but decided in the end to not spend money, and we played in Centennial Park for free instead. Tess was in heaven. Unbeknownst to us, children actually like playing outdoors from time to time. And picture bombardment:

Playing around the olympic rings fountain. We're excited to come back here in the summer when it makes sense to play in these.

The park had a couple of playgrounds that Tess couldn't get enough of:


I've really tried to encourage Tessa's creativity...until now. Jaime and I were having a pleasant conversation on the couch the other day, when Tess brought her latest masterpiece to us:

We lock our bedroom door at night now. I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact picture in a horror movie. Why are little kids so creepy?