Sunday, December 1, 2013


I made to the very end of NaBloPoMo and finally messed up and forgot to blog one day! I've just been busy doing lots of post-Thanksgiving relaxing. We went to see Catching Fire - it was good! Seeing movies in the theater is a rare treat, thanks Mom for babysitting! We bought a headrest-mountable DVD player for the car on Black Friday (at the reasonable hour of 4 PM, not 4 AM) - an investment in our sanity on the way home.  I went to the thrift store with my mom and sisters - always good fun. We played some Catan, some Bananagrams, some pretending to be Wild Kratts (Tessa's idea), and ate lots and lots more food.

This may be a boring post to close out NaBloPoMo, but it does contain some possibly exciting news - I enjoyed this month so much I think I'm going to keep it up. Maybe not every day, but with some regularity. It's been fun to flex the old writing brain-muscles. Don't tell me brain muscles aren't a thing...just cause I never took anatomy in're not better than me...ok maybe you are, at anatomy at least. :)

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