Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tessa Masters the Art of Portraiturating...

Tess and I had made a connection this morning--probably over some game on the Kindle--but I don't remember exactly what it was about. In our excitement over the connection, we had this conversation:

Me: "It's like our minds are one."
Tess: "It's like we are the same person."
Me: "It's like we finish each others'..."
Tess: "...Mommies."

Perhaps we aren't quite as in sync as I thought. Nevertheless, she is my girl! So, I made the decision 5 minutes ago not to let this blog die...even though I would gladly do so. And I decided that to get things started again here in the New Year, I would do some posts on things I should have posted about last year. Starting with Thanksgiving and Tessa's family portraits.

In Jaime's family, after the meal is done and cleaned up, everyone gathers for the "Family Sing." There's also a family walk thrown in there too, which is a nice tradition too.

Tess was having a little trouble staying content during the singing part, so I asked her if she wanted to take pictures of everyone. She did. And then she walked around getting some really nice close-up shots of everyone. I took some pictures like the one above, but feel a little awkward getting right in front of people's faces to take a picture of them in this situation. Not Tess! So, here are some highlights to showcase her distinct portrait style. Courtney:

It's important to cut off the top of the person's head. One of Great Grandma snuggling George's stuffed cat:


Grandma and Poppa (and George):

A nice shot of William...and Lauren:

Tess has a history of subtly sending Lauren hints about what she thinks of her relationship with William (like the picture Tess took of them on their wedding day):

And just because, here's a great picture of George from Thanksgiving Day (not taken by Tess since his head is all there):