Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Little 3-boned Hermaphrodite

Our doctor visit today seemed very fitting after some of the conversations we've had before the ultrasound. When we first got pregnant, I was convinced it was a boy. That is until I called my mom one day and she told me that she had prayed it would be a girl. So I started telling people that the baby definitely was a boy until my mom had to go and have her little prayer. After which, the sex miraculously changed. When I told this to Jaime's brother-in-law, he said, "Well, let's just hope her faith wasn't wavering and it got stuck somewhere in between!" Which then started a long run of jokes about our hermaphrodite baby.

Today we excitedly went for Jaime's monthly check up which included the ultrasound. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever, especially when the little princess flipped the doctor the bird. For some reason after seeing other ultrasound pictures, I didn't think it would be as great as it really was. However, the baby was pretty active and moving its arms and legs. Just amazing. There really is a live being inside my wife. So weird. The doctor's participation in the whole thing was a little less exciting. He kept quizzing us on human anatomy. At one point he pulls up this image of the baby's leg. Then he says, "You see here, one part has one bone, and the other has two. So what does that tell us?" We were dumbfounded at how dumb a question he would ask. Finally Jaime proclaimed, "Our baby has at least three bones!" Then we high fived, gave a resounding "What! What!" and both looked back at the screen with pride. I mean who else's baby has at least 3 bones after only 19 weeks of development?

Finally, after viewing the head, chest, spine, ventricles, heart and other organs, we moved on to what we were all there to see...the goods. The doctor tried to get a good look between the legs, but like any normal human who senses someone staring at its crotch, our baby crossed its little legs and then mouthed the words, "My eyes are up here perv!" After staring at this area for quite some time, the doctor explained that he couldn't find a hot dog, but there seemed to be a hamburger there. He said he was 67% sure that it was a girl. That percentage isn't as great as we would like, but we're going to go ahead and announce that we're having a girl!


The Peters Family Band is... said...

When you start a blog, you're supposed to tell people so they can read it. Are you trying to keep your hermaphrodite a secret?

Kaylene said...

I love your feet pictures and I am happy you have a blog and that you have a hermaphrodite baby with attitude.

ME said...

I'm gonna be the best aunt to the little 3-boned hermaphrodite!!!